Friday, February 2, 2018

Penguins and Polar Bears!

Penguins and Polar Bears!
January 22 - February 2, 2018

We have had so much fun learning all about polar animals - penguins and polar bears!  We did lots of fun activities and enjoyed learning all about these animals!

We learned specifically about emperor penguins!  During the harsh cold climate in the Arctic, the penguins huddle together in colonies or rookeries to stay warm.  All of the penguins rotate from being on the outside of the rookery to being on the inside.  After the mommy emperor penguin hatches an egg, the daddy penguin holds the egg on the top of it's feet and has an extra flap of skin to cover the egg to keep it warm until the egg hatches into a baby chick.  During that time the mommy looks for food!  We also learned that penguins are birds but they cannot fly!  Very neat!

In addition, we learned all about polar bears!  Polar bears are the largest bears on earth!  They have black skin, thick fur and a layer of fat called blubber to keep them warm in the icy Arctic!  They are good swimmers and like to hunt and eat seals.  Baby polar bears are called cubs.  So cool!
Stay tuned the next couple of weeks we will start a new unit to celebrate Valentine's Day called, God is Love!

During Jesus time, we learned about Jesus and his twelve disciples as well as Jesus and his first miracle!  We discussed how each and every one of us can be Jesus' helpers or disciples by sharing the Gospel, which is the Good News, which is Jesus!  God sent Jesus to save us from all of our sins so we may have eternal life with them in Heaven!!  We share with the kiddos that by showing the fruits of the spirit they are shining their lights for Jesus and sharing the Gospel!!  So awesome!  Check out our fruit of the spirit tree, it has grown so much, so amazing!!


Fishing Game  (Gross Motor, Cognitive, Language)  "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  Matthew 4:19  As we learned about Jesus calling his twelve disciples we thought it would be fun to do a little fishing of our own!  The fishing poles had magnets on them and the fish had paper clips on them.  When they caught a fish they had to tell us what color their fish was!

Arctic Animal Play  (Fine Motor, Cognitive, Dramatic Play, Language)  These students used blocks of ice (sugar cubes)  to build homes such as igloos, and polar animals to play with!  They enjoyed being creative!

Snow Writing Tray  (Fine Motor, Literacy, Cognitive, Mathematics, Science)  These students are learning how to write letters and numbers in the snow writing tray!  They picked a letter and practiced writing the letter using a pencil or they rolled a number dice and practiced writing the number they rolled using a pencil in the snow as well.

Snowflake Tangram Mats  (Fine Motor, Cognitive, Mathematics)  These students are working on snowflake pattern block mats or tangram mats.  This activity helps children learn spatial relationships, geometry and develop stronger problem solving skills!  Cool!

Winter Words  (Language, Literacy, Fine Motor)  These children are "reading" winter words and finding letter tiles to spell out the words!  They did a fantastic job!  :)

Feed the Penguin  (Mathematics, Fine Motor, Science)  This penguin was hungry for some fish!  The students had to roll the die and feed the penguin the corresponding number of fish until he was full!  They did a great job!

Penguins!  (Art, Fine Motor)  These kiddos are making their penguins!  Check them out they are hanging above the cubbies!

Water Beads  (Sensory, Fine Motor)  We have been loving the water beads in our sensory table!  They are so fun!

Polar Bear Game  (Mathematics, Cognitive, Language)  These kiddos had to roll the dice and try to get their fish (we didn't have any bear counters, lol) to the polar bear den!  They had to move their fish that many spaces (paws) until they reached the bear den!

Polar Bear Hand prints  (Art, Fine Motor)  The children made polar bears out of their hand prints!  They put paws, claws, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. to make their polar bears!  They did a great job!  Check them out they are hanging on the bulletin board in the classroom!

Blubber Experiment  (Science, Sensory, Cognitive, Language)  These kiddos were able to see what it's like to be a penguin or a polar bear and have a thick layer of fat called blubber to keep you warm in the icy, arctic waters!  Inside the Ziploc bags are two individual bags of Crisco.  The children put their hands between the two bags and dipped it into the icy water to see if their hand stayed warm, they were surprised!  :)

Polar Bear Letter Hunt  (Literacy, Language, Fine Motor, Cognitive)  The students had to find the pink cards with polar bear letters on them around the classroom.  When they found a letter they had to see if it was on their clipboard, then they made a mark next to the letter, or we also encouraged them to try and write the letter!  They did a great job identifying letters and attempting to write some letters!

Bear in the Den Game  (Mathematics, Cognitive, Fine Motor, Language)  The students rolled the dice and put the corresponding number of bears in the den!  Great one-to-one correspondence game!

Animal Tracks Matching Game  (Science, Cognitive, Literacy)  These students had to try and figure out which animal belonged to which footprint?  They had fun!

Polar Bear Roll and Stamp Game  (Fine Motor, Mathematics, Cognitive)  These kiddos rolled a number dice, identified the number and had to find and stamp that number on their polar bear!  They did a great job working with numbers 1-6!  :)

Polar Bears!  (Art, Fine Motor)  We made more polar bears!  Check them out they are hanging up on the bulletin board in our classroom!

Play-dough Animal Tracks  (Sensory, Science, Fine Motor)  These students made polar animal tracks in the play-dough!  They had so much fun!  :)