Saturday, April 14, 2018


April 3-13, 2018

We have had so much fun learning all about the Farm!  We have been specifically learning about the types of farms such as crops or animals (or both) as well as farm animals!  We have been busy doing a lot of fun activities, reading great books and learning new songs and dances such as the chicken dance!  This past week we learned a lot about chickens!  Did you know that a hen lays 6 eggs per week or 1 egg a day?  It takes 3 weeks for a chicken egg to hatch and become a baby chick!  :)  We will continue to learn more about the Farm and farm animals as we continue this unit for the next week or so!

During Jesus time we learned about when Jesus Returned to visit the Disciples as well as Jesus Goes to Heaven.  We discussed that before Jesus went back to Heaven to prepare a special home for us, he called his Disciples to share the Good News with everyone!  We too are called to be His Disciples and share the Good News with everyone we know and share the Fruits of the Spirit!  :)


"You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth."                                          Psalm 104:14

Barnyard Play!  (Dramatic Play, Social Emotional, Fine Motor, Language, Cognitive, Science)  These kiddos are enjoying their play with the barns, tractors and farm animals! 

Farm Puzzle  (Cognitive, Science, Mathematics, Fine Motor)  These students are putting a farm puzzle together.  They did an excellent job considering there is no picture to check their work, they had to work hard to figure it out!  :)

Farm Animal Play  (Mathematics, Cognitive, Science, Fine Motor)  There was a lot of sorting, classifying and transferring of farm animals in this game!  They used tractors and pens to sort and classify their animals.

Farm Reading  (Literacy)  How sweet is this?!  This student is enjoying a good farm book in the comfy reading area!  :)

Farm Play-dough Mats  (Fine Motor, Language, Cognitive, Science, Mathematics)  As a class we made play-dough and then we made "chicks" out of play-dough for our farm mats!  The mats read, "Put 4 chicks in the farm yard."  with numbers 1-10!

Farm Animal Mixed Up Lego's  (Cognitive, Fine Motor, Science, Language)  These kiddos enjoyed finding the matching tops and bottoms of different farm animal Lego's!  They had fun!

Farm Sensory Table  (Sensory, Science, Mathematics, Cognitive, Language, Fine Motor)  With corn kernels, beans, straw, farm animals, cups and pitchers the children had a blast playing in the sensory table!

Chicken Craft  (Art, Fine Motor, Science)  We have been learning a lot about chickens so we made a chicken complete with a comb and a wattle!  :)

Farm Memory Game  (Cognitive, Science, Social Emotional, Language)  These students are playing a memory game where they had to lift up two haystacks and see if they could make a farm animal by matching a top and bottom.  They did a great job!

Corn Feed  (Science, Cognitive, Language, Mathematics)  These kiddos practiced scooping and pouring corn feed into the pails!  They had to try and count out how many scoops it took to fill up the pail!

Farm Animal Tracks  (Art, Sensory, Science, Fine Motor)  This kiddo is making tracks with paint and farm animals!  It was neat to see the different types of tracks each farm animal made!

Chicks!  (Art, Sensory, Science)  Here we are making little baby chicks!  We used forks to show the fuzzy hair the baby chicks have!

Friday, March 2, 2018


Feb. 20 - Mar. 2, 2018

We have had so much fun learning all about construction!  We learned about the different types of careers, construction vehicles, tools, different things that can be built, made blueprints, building sketches, watched construction videos, just to name a few!  We had a special visitor as well who shared with us his career building homes with McBride!  The students have really enjoyed this unit which is why we will continue it for another week!  The following week we will enjoy some fun St. Patrick's Day activities before we head into spring break!!
During Jesus time we continue to learn about Jesus and his miracles!  We learned all about Jesus feeds the 5000 as well as Jesus walks on water.  I hope that your kiddos are also sharing what they have been learning about our Evangelism model.  We discussed what Evangelism means which is to share the Gospel!  The gospel is the good news, the good news is Jesus!  Jesus is the good news because he died on the cross for all of our sins so we may have everlasting life!  The Evangelism chart is hanging up on the wall next to the calendar!  We have learned about the first two colors: black which represents sin, red which represents Jesus' blood and this week we started learning about the blue color which represents baptism!

Thank you Mr. Peterman (a student's dad) for visiting the GL 3's and sharing what you do with us for McBride!  We had so much fun!!  :)

Construction Tracks  (Art, Fine Motor)  These students made tracks with paint using different types of construction vehicles!

Construction Play  (Dramatic Play, Cognitive, Science, Mathematics, Language, Social Emotional, Sensory)  These kiddos are learning so much as they build and construct using all of these tools and props!  How amazing and cute are your kiddos?!  :)

Architect Plans  (Fine Motor, Cognitive, Dramatic Play, Mathematics)  These children are drawing blueprints and making building sketches as they do their construction work!

Construction Sensory Table  (Science, Sensory, Cognitive, Language)  These students love to play with the construction vehicles in the rocks and beans with numbers and letters!  They liked the scooping and digging with the different types of vehicles!

Construction Mini Puzzles  (Fine Motor, Cognitive, Mathematics)  Our students loved putting these mini construction vehicle puzzles together, they did a great job!

Building Letters  (Literacy, Fine Motor, Language, Science)  Students used colored cubed blocks to build letters in their name!  One student even said they made a pattern with the colored blocks, wow!!

Lincoln Logs  (Mathematics, Science, Cognitive, Fine Motor)  Here are some students using picture cards for inspiration to build using Lincoln logs!

Geometric Blueprints  (Art, Mathematics, Fine Motor)  Here we are making geometric blueprints using paint and Lego's!  Check them out they are hanging up on the bulletin boards above the cubbies and in the classroom!

Nuts and Bolts Board  (Fine Motor, Cognitive, Mathematics, Science)  The students loved finding the matching sizes of nuts and bolts!  They also enjoyed twisting and turning the nuts to the bolts!  They did a great job!

Building Shapes on Tape  (Mathematics, Science, Cognitive, Language)  We reviewed our knowledge of shapes a lot during this unit!  The children were asked to create something using the blocks and the taped shapes on the carpet!  They were so creative and they worked really well together!  Awesome!

Straws and Connectors  (Science, Mathematics, Language, Fine Motor, Cognitive)  The students loved building with the straws and connectors!  They had so much fun!  They included shapes and letters in their construction, wow!  So awesome!  :)

Measurement  (Mathematics, Science, Cognitive)  The students used all different types of tools to measure things with!  They used rulers, tape measures, cones, bricks, etc.!

Hammering Activity  (Fine Motor)  The children loved using plastic hammers to hammer plastic nails into the Styrofoam!  They enjoyed using the back of the hammer to pull the nails out when they were finished, they had so much fun!

Shape Prints  (Art)  These students created "building prints" using foam blocks and paint to make shape prints!  They really enjoyed the process!  :)

Shape Roads  (Cognitive, Mathematics, Fine Motor)  These students drove different types of construction vehicles on different shaped roads!  They had to identify which shape road they drove on as well as which construction vehicle they were using! :)

Can you build this?  (Cognitive, Science)  This student used a block building picture card to reconstruct the blocks in the picture, how awesome!  :)

Pegboards  (Fine Motor, Mathematics)  These students created color patterns using plastics straws and a pegboard!  What a great fine motor activity!

Construction Words  (Literacy, Language, Fine Motor)  These students are spelling words using plastic letter beads and construction words!  In addition, they had to look at the word wall and see what capital letters matched the lowercase letters on their word cards because the letter beads were all capital letters!  Great job!

Construction Board Game  (Mathematics, Social Emotional, Fine Motor)  These students played a construction board game that worked on the numbers 1-5.  The picture cards from the draw pile had all different ways to show the numbers!  They did a great job!

Here we are doing a little quiet reading with some great construction books!  So sweet!  :)